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Division Director

Julius Halas

Assistant Division Director

Melvin Stone

200 East Gaines Street,
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0322

Regulatory Licensing

The Regulatory Licensing Section is responsible for the enforcement of all laws relating to the licensing and regulation of the Fire Equipment Industry (Portable Fire Extinguisher and Pre-engineered Systems), the Engineered Fire Protection System Industry, the Explosives Industry (Manufacture, Distribution and Use) and the Sparkler Industry (Manufacture, Distribution, Wholesale and Retail Sales) pursuant to Chapters 552, 633, and 791, Florida Statutes. This section issues licenses and certificates to all companies and individuals engaged in business in this state as Fire Equipment Dealers and Service Technicians, Fire Protection System Contractors, Explosive Manufacturers, Dealers, Users and Blasters. This section also registers those firms and individuals who manufacture, distribute and sell, at wholesale and retail, sparklers which have been approved by the State Fire Marshal.

The section has produced a Question/Answers Brochure on Construction Mining Operations that may be read here online. Click here: Mining Brochure .

Personnel assigned to this section are well versed in the requirements of Chapters 633, 552 and 791, Florida Statutes, as well as Florida Administrative Codes, federal regulations and numerous types of manufactured fire suppression equipment and other technical materials. Section staff assigned to Regulatory Licensing in Tallahassee plan, coordinate and insure all licensing activities are completed as timely and expeditiously as possible. Staff are responsible for the review and approval/denial of all applications. This includes, but is not limited to, verifying the applicant’s background, which includes criminal background record checks; verifying employment experience; verifying previous licensing experience; and reviewing corporate documents and insurance coverage.

About the Regulatory Licensing SectionNOTE:  The Public Portal for licensed fire protection system contractors and fire equipment dealers is operational or please feel free to contact our office at 850-413-3644 to verify licensure status of a company or individual.

For more information about the State Fire Marshal's Regulatory Licensing Programs, including access to printable forms and applications, visit our web page by clicking on LICENSES or contact  the section at (850) 413-3644, Fax (850) 410-2467, or E-mail: Fire.Prevention@MyFloridaCFO.com .