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K9 Retirement


K9 Raven


Accelerant Detection K-9 Raven retired September 30, 2013, after nearly 3 ½  years of dedicated service. Her career began with the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations in April of 2010. K-9 Raven and her partner Detective Garrett Carlisle examined over 220 scenes during her career, ranging in location from the panhandle to central-Florida. Her assistance was instrumental in the investigation of many cases, resulting in the arrests and convictions of arsonists and murderers alike. Her sweet personality and keen sense of smell also played an integral role in educating and entertaining crowds of elementary school children, middle and high school students and public service professionals during her many demonstrations across the state.

K9 Molly

Accelerant Detection K-9 Molly retired on July 1, 2013, after 8 years of dedicated service to the Bureau of Fire & Arson Investigations. K9 Molly's partner was Detective Andy Redding and they served in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

K9 Misty

Accelerant Detection K-9 Misty retired April 1, 2011, after six years of dedicated service. K-9 Misty began her career with BFAI in April of 2005. On her third day on the job, she assisted in an arrest of a man after he set his daughter’s house on fire and fled into the woods. K-9 Misty made several alerts inside the house and when the suspect was found, several alerts were made on his socks and shoes. The suspect was arrested for domestic violence and later confessed to the arson. K-9 Misty averaged over 100 canine assists each year including 27 out-of-region assists in Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, Bartow, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.