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Sha'Ron James

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Al Willis

Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
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Mediation Information
Southern Family Insurance Company

Will FIGA continue to accept new mediation requests after June 2, 2008?


Will FIGA continue to process mediation requests that are filed prior to the June 2, 2008 deadline?

FIGA will continue to process mediation requests that can be scheduled and finalized prior to the June 2, 2008 deadline.

In situations where the request was initiated prior to June 2, 2008, the mediation has taken place and a settlement amount has been agreed to, FIGA will still process the settlement check.

If FIGA will not accept new mediation requests after June 2, 2008, can I file a mediation request with the Receiver’s office?

No. The Receiver will not accept new mediation requests after the June 2, 2008 deadline. The Receiver’s claim filing deadline was June 1, 2007. Any claims that are filed with the Receiver against a Poe Company will be considered late-filed. You should take steps to complete needed repairs in order to mitigate your damages. Once you have completed your repairs, you should complete and submit your proof of claim form to the Receiver along with documentation such as copies of invoices and cancelled checks to support the amount of their claim.

Any proof of claim form filed after the Receiver’s claim filing deadline of June 1, 2007, will be classified as a late-filed claim. All late-filed claims are assigned a lower claimant classification as compared to timely filed loss claims. It will likely be several years before the Receiver is able to determine the amount of distributions, if any, that will be paid on claims in the Poe estates.

If I am in a dispute with FIGA over the amount of my damages and I can’t request mediation on or after June 2, 2008, can I request appraisal?

No. This option is no longer available.

If I have an appraisal scheduled for a date after June 2, 2008, will it be cancelled?

No appraisals will be scheduled after June 2, 2008, unless the claim is in litigation.

If I can’t request mediation or appraisal on or after June 2, 2008 to resolve a pending dispute, can I file a lawsuit against FIGA after June 2, 2008?

In accordance with Section 631.68, Florida Statutes, claims must be settled or suit initiated by the deadline.