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Homeowners Policy Unearned Premium Calculator
Northern Capital Insurance Company ("Northern Capital")

The Receiver has created the below unearned premium calculator to allow Northern Capital homeowner policyholders to verify how their unearned premium calculation was derived. If you are able to input data into the yellow boxes below including your normal policy terms, the policy cancellation date, the amount of your total annual premium, the amount of paid policy fees (MGA fees, Emergency Management fees, Citizens/FIGA/FHCF assessments and payment plan fees) you should be able to verify the calculation on the refund check you received.

Note: This calculator should work for the majority of the homeowners policy refund calculations. However, if you had a policy endorsement during your policy period that either increased or deceased your annual premium, additional calculations had to be made by the Receiver to calculate your refund. You might also find slight differences in the amount of your refund check versus the calculated amount due to rounding within the company's policy system.

Click here to see an sample policy declarations page which will provide guidance on which dates and numbers you should input in the calculator to verify your refund.

If you still need assistance with verifying the calculation of your premium refund, you will need to contact the Receiver using the "Contact Us" form or by calling 800-882-3054.

  Effective Date of Policy    
  Normal Expiration Date of Policy    
  Cancellation Date of Policy    
  Days In-Force Policy Cancellation Date Minus Policy Effective Date  
  Earned Premium Factor Days In-Force/365    
  Total Annual Premium Premium and Premium Adjustments (less Fees/Assessments)    
  Earned Policy Fees MGA Fee and Emergency Mgmt Fee (Fully Earned on Day One)    
  Pro-Rata Policy Fees Citizens, FIGA and FHCF Assessments (Earned over Term of the Policy)    
  Pay Plan Fees Payment Plan Fees/$3, $5 or $10 Each (Fully Earned as Paid)    
  Payments Applied Against Policy      
  Unearned Pro-Rata Fees Pro-Rata Fees x Unearned Premium Factor (rounded to zero decimals)  
  Unearned Premium Premium x Unearned Premium Factor (rounded to zero decimals)  
  Earned Pro-Rata Fees Pro-Rata Fees x Earned Premium Factor (rounded to zero decimals)    
  Earned Premium Premium x Earned Premium Factor (rounded to zero decimals)    
  Gross Refund Cash Received - Earned Premium - Earned Pro-Rata Fees - Earned Policy Fees - Payment Plan Fees    
  Less: FIGA Deductible  $                    100.00    
  Net FIGA Refund Check Amount issued by FIGA