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Division Director

Jack Heacock

Assistant Director

Georgia Pellegrino

Public Assistance Fraud
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
PAF Phone Number
(850) 413-4040
Fraud Hotline
(866) 762-2237

Division of Public Assistance Fraud

State Law Enforcement Bureau (SLEB)

What is SLEB?
The SLEB is a partnership between the State of Florida and the Food & Nutrition Service of the US Department of Agriculture established to combat illegal trafficking of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamp) benefits. Its purpose is to coordinate and

encourage law enforcement and regulatory efforts to attack the problem of food stamp trafficking on the municipal, state and federal levels.

What does SLEB membership entail?

Becoming a member of SLEB is simple. It only requires signing an agreement to follow the straightforward requirements for the proper control and use of any issued EBT cards and coordinating any investigation of a suspected trafficking store with the SLEB. Periodic reports are also needed by the SLEB in order to report State investigative efforts to FNS.

Why should my agency become a member of the SLEB?

Time and time again, investigations into food stamp trafficking have resulted in law enforcement officials obtaining evidence of other criminal activities generated by these stores. Often, investigations into these small markets and convenience stores find that they are small criminal enterprises that help fuel other chronic community problems that plague local law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies know where problems exist in their communities. Community markets and convenience stores engaging in multifaceted criminal activities may often be difficult for law enforcement to broach. A food stamp trafficking investigation can be an effective means of getting into a store, stopping the illegal food stamp trafficking and other criminal activity it spawns.
Food stamp trafficking is a felony in Florida, as specified in Chapter 414.39, FS.

31 People Wanted for Food Stamp Fraud at Gainesville Convenience Stores December 8th, 2011


After a months long investigation by GPD, USDA and other agencies a multi store food stamp fraud has been uncovered in Gainesville.

Three Gainesville convenience stores were busted for food stamp fraud on September 1st and Thursday police Fraud Arrestissued 31 warrants related to that bust. Police suspect the stores involved were exchanging EBT benefits for cash. They are also looking into the stores for counterfeit merchandise and tobacco and beverage violations.

The USDA estimates food stamp trafficking defrauds taxpayers of $330 million each year. So on the federal and local level investigators are monitoring EBT patterns.

The owners of SMI are accused of using food stamps to stock their shelves, buying people’s EBT benefits for 50 cents on the dollar.

SLEB Brochure

Police are also going after the EBT card holders and the former owner and clerk at 99 Cents and More, also busted in September.
Police arrested 8 people Thursday and will charge two already in jail and two already in prison...but police are still looking for 19 more, including the former owner of 99 cents and More. They will all be charged with racketeering.



What does SLEB do?
Through the combined efforts of the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service and the Florida Department of Financial Services, the SLEB provides any member agency critical resources and data that support their efforts to combat the problem of food stamp trafficking and other crime it produces in their jurisdiction. It coordinates efforts between municipal, State and Federal investigative agencies to prevent duplication of effort or overlap while protecting the integrity of an investigation.

The SLEB also provides member agencies state-issued EBT card(s) with electronic food stamp benefits to be used in covert investigations of stores at which trafficking is suspected.

Targeting data, reports on investigative targets, and technical assistance are part of the investigative support resources the SLEB provides.

Who do I contact for more information?Great Seal of the State of Florida

For more information, contact the Division of Public Assistance Fraud by email at: SLEBinquiries@myfloridacfo.com
By mail:
Division of Public Assistance Fraud,
200 E. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0385

Four Arrested in $1.3 Million Food Stamp Fraud Scheme

Hundreds more identified in massive Liberty City fraud scheme March 19, 2010

Four people were arrested yesterday in connection with a scheme to cheat the state out of $1.3 million in food stamps. The four were charged with Grand Theft and Public Assistance Fraud following a six-month investigation by the state’s Public Assistance Fraud unit into illegal food stamp trafficking at Partners Meat & Fish Market, located at 1298 NW 62nd Street. Other investigators from the Florida Department of Lottery and the Florida Department of Revenue are looking at additional criminal charges after a search warrant was served at the small Liberty City store.

Food stamp trafficking is the buying or selling electronic food stamp benefits. Investigators say that store owners pay food stamp recipients about 50 cents in cash for every dollar taken from the electronic food stamp benefit card. The cash received from the sale of food stamps is then used for other things to include jewelry, beauty products or quite possibly drugs

.SLEB brchure


Additional arrests are likely as the focus shifts to the hundreds of food stamp recipients suspected of selling their food stamps at Partners Meat & Fish Market. Those who are found guilty face a third degree felony charge and a lifetime disqualification to receive food stamps.

In addition to state charges, the store owners may face federal penalties by the USDA for violating food stamp program guidelines. These penalties may include fines, temporary or permanent disqualification, and forfeiture of property