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Committee Appointments

Probable Cause Panel A

Funeral Director Justin Baxley
Cemetery Keenan Knopke
Consumer Nancy Hubbell

Probable Cause Panel B

Funeral Director Al Hall
Cemetery Tracy Huggins
Consumer Jean Anderson
Funeral Director and Embalmer Richard Chesler

Finance Committee

Nancy Hubbell
John Williams

Continuing Education Committee

Chair Tracy Huggins
Justin Baxley
Lew Hall
Jill Peeples
Col. Don Stiegman

Rules Committee

Chair Jody Brandenburg
Ken Jones
Bill Williams

Rules Subcommittees Special Projects:

Preneed License Financial Requirements
Nancy Hubbell
John Williams
Bill Williams

Emergency Preparedness

Chairman Keenan Knopke
Doug Kinzer
Tom Ralph, Jr.
Gail Thomas-DeWitt

Review of Disciplinary Rules

Michelle Arguin
Keenan Knopke

Handling and Storage of Human Remains

Chair Gail Thomas-DeWitt
Justin Baxley
Lisa Lyons Coney
Jay Rhodes

Trusts - Financial Issues

Michele Hood
Nancy Hubbell
Keenan Knopke
John Rudolph
Bill Williams