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Division Director

Simon J. Blank

Assistant Director

Timothy J. Cannon

Insurance Fraud
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Contact Us At:
(850) 413-3115


North Region Map


The North Region investigate a wide variety of crimes that comprise insurance fraud. The Jacksonville Field Office handles cases in Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Levy, Marion, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Suwannee, and Union Counties.

North Region Commander

Captain Brian McCoy

Captain Brian McCoy supervises the Jacksonville Field Office. Brian McCoy is a graduate of Nova University holding a master’s degree in public administration/criminal justice, a bachelor’s degree in public administration/criminal justice from Saint Thomas University, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ashford University.

Captain McCoy joined the Division as an investigator on November 10, 2003 and he has been investigating healthcare provider fraud. He was promoted to lieutenant in July of 2008 and then to captain in November of 2009. Prior to joining the Division he worked as the coordinator of public safety programs for the Institute of Public Safety at Broward Community College. He spent five years with Motorola as a security manager and 25 years with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department where he retired as a detective sergeant. During his time with Fort Lauderdale he was a sergeant with the Metropolitan Intelligence Unit (MIU), a multi agency task force investigating organized criminal organizations where he supervised the strategic intelligence unit and analytical function. He supervised a 30 man SWAT team, with responsibilities for budgeting, training and full SWAT operations. He also served as chairman of the Florida Intelligence Unit. He is a Florida state certified instructor and taught as an adjunct professor at Florida International University for five years.


Lieutenant Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has more than 30 years as a sworn law enforcement officer. He came to the Division of Insurance Fraud on July 19, 2004, and has been assigned to the Jacksonville Field Office since. He was initially tasked with investigating workers’ compensation fraud; he later did general fraud and worked as a member of a mortgage task force with the FBI. He was promoted to lieutenant in April of 2010 and he currently supervises the Jacksonville office. Prior to coming to the Division, he spent more than twenty years with the New York City Police Department where he retired as a Detective Sergeant in December 2003. Before joining the NYPD, he worked for the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division where he was assigned to the White House detail. Kevin is a graduate of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and holds a Bachelors Degree in Security/Business Management.


Lieutenant Edward "Ed" Johnson

Ed Johnson is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps-Reserves and was honorably discharged in 1986.

Ed received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College in 2000. Ed is a graduate of Leadership Jacksonville, Class of 2002.

After graduating from St. Johns Law Enforcement Academy in 1981, Ed joined the University of North Florida Police Department and then the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 1983.

Ed served 25 years with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and served in various divisions (Patrol, Community Affairs, Detectives, and Police Services). While at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Ed held the positions of Police Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, and Assistant Division Chief of Patrol.

Ed retired from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in 2008, and joined the Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) in 2009. He has served in the Orlando Region and the Jacksonville Region. Ed has served as a DIF Detective Training Officer (DTO). Ed holds an active Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation.

In April, 2014, Ed was promoted to Lieutenant over the Jacksonville Field Office Regular Fraud Squad.


North Region Statistics

During the last fiscal year, the North Region received over 900 referrals resulting in 184 opened cases, presented 85 cases for prosecution and made 79 arrests.

North Region Case Highlights

Case #1

The Division of Insurance Fraud received information from an informant that a small group of predominately Arab men was running a staged accident ring in the Jacksonville area. Detective Tom Clark determined early on that the case was going to be complex and would likely require immediate assistance with language translation and technical issues. He teamed with FBI Special Agent Doug Mathews to investigate the allegation. The informant was quickly enlisted to work as a confidential informant. He was able to get inside the operation and his assistance proved to be invaluable to the successful outcome of the case. The ringleader was associated with a chiropractic clinic where the accident participants would be sent to “treat’ following the staged crash. Numerous accidents were identified as being staged and twenty-nine suspects were identified. After an exhaustive investigation involving many hours of surveillance and undercover operations with the confidential informant, it was learned that the ringleader and the chiropractor had become aware that they were under investigation causing them to “panic” and the top people in the organization were very concerned and were shutting down the operation. The chiropractor, a Canadian citizen, sold his practice for approximately $200,000 and was believed to be planning a return to Canada. Detective Clark and SA Mathews immediately obtained a seizure warrant from the US Attorney’s Office and took possession of the money and received assurance from his attorney that he would remain available. After months of grand jury proceedings, the ringleader and two top organizers were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and arrested in October of 2012. Since that time, ASA Joe Licandro from the State Attorney’s Office became involved and state charges have been filed against the ringleader and several additional participants. Between 2/1/2013 and 4/22/13 eight suspects have been arrested including the chiropractor on both state and federal charges.

Case #2

Division of Insurance Fraud Detective Clark became aware of a fraud case and took the initiative to open a case. Detective Clark teamed up with FBI Special Agent Doug Mathews. The subject of the case was a local Jacksonville resident, Anderson Scott Hall, who was a financial advisor licensed by the State of Florida. While working for a national investment services company, Hall operated a sham company (Abaco Securities International, Ltd.), which he held out to be a legitimate international investment company. It is alleged that Hall was the mastermind behind a complex scheme to defraud numerous investors, including many Duval County school teachers and administrators. Hall would allegedly induce victim investors into transferring their retirement savings from legitimate life insurance companies and investment companies over to his control. It is further alleged that instead of investing victim investors' funds as promised, Hall would use the funds for his own personal use, including purchasing high value luxury items, and commercial and residential real estate. On occasion, as part of the fraud scheme, Hall would use money taken from new investors to pay earlier investors. In total, Hall allegedly defrauded investors of more than $4 million. Hall was arrested on January 28, 2013 and charged in federal court with twenty counts of wire and mail fraud. Hall is facing up to 400 years in prison and fines of $5 million.

Case #3

John Anthony DeMatteo was employed as a service, sales and marketing representative for Ford Builders/Roofers Inc. On December 1, 2012, he approached a homeowner in Jacksonville and advised the homeowner that he had roof damage, following a visual “ground inspection.” DeMatteo told the homeowner that the damages were the result of a windstorm which occurred on April 21, 2012, and that the homeowners insurance would pay for the repairs, and that “he would handle it.” The homeowner provided DeMatteo with his homeowner’s insurance company’s name and his policy number. A roof damage claim was filed with the insurance company on December 10, 2012, and the conversation was recorded. DeMatteo provided the facts of the loss to the call-taker. Additionally, during this recorded conversation, DeMatteo misrepresented the claim and impersonated the homeowner when the call-taker asked, “Are you the homeowner? Are you the policy holder?” DeMatteo replied, “Yes” to both. The homeowner listened to that recorded conversation from the call-taker, and he identified that as being the voice of DeMatteo, and not his voice.

DeMatteo went to the residence of a second homeowner on March 27, 2013, and advised him that he had roof damage, resulting from a windstorm on June 25, 2012. The homeowner provided DeMatteo with his insurance company policy information, and signed a single page agreement. DeMatteo advised him that his homeowner’s insurance would pay for the repairs, and that he (DeMatteo) would contact his insurance company for him. The claim was called in by DeMatteo on April 8, 2013. The homeowner positively identified DeMatteo from a photo spread.

During this investigation, another homeowner was identified and interviewed. The homeowner described how DeMatteo assisted him with getting a new roof for his residence and described DeMatteo’s actions as consistent with the above method of operating. DeMatteo was interviewed by Lt. Johnson and admitted to making roof claims to insurance companies on behalf of homeowners. DeMatteo stated, “he did it because homeowners were too busy to make the calls themselves or when he could not facilitate a three-way call between himself, the insurance company and the homeowner.” DeMatteo provided a sworn affidavit admitting to the aforementioned claims, and the criminal actions. On July 25, 2013, John A. DeMatteo was arrested in Palm Beach County for public adjuster fraud and false and fraudulent insurance fraud and on August 26, 2013, John DeMatteo was convicted in Duval County of public adjuster fraud.