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Anthem Cyber Security Breach

Anthem, Inc. recently discovered a cyber security breach that may have impacted Florida insurance consumers. Anthem is working to determine which members/policyholders were impacted by the breach.

Anthem will only contact impacted policyholders and members by written communication via mail, not by phone or email. Anthem will begin mailing letters in the coming weeks.

Consumers should be aware of the potential fraudulent scams targeting current and former Anthem members. Consumers should not provide personal or financial information to persons claiming to represent Anthem via email or phone. If you receive an email or call, follow these helpful tips:

  • DO NOT click on any links or attachments contained within an email.
  • DO NOT reply to the email or reach out to the senders in any way.
  • DO NOT supply any information online or over the phone.

Anthem will provide free credit monitoring services to those who were impacted by the data breach. For more information or questions related to the breach, please call Anthem’s toll-free hotline at 1-877-263-7995 or visit www.anthemfacts.com, a website specifically set up to address the breach.

Florida consumers with questions may contact the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Consumer Helpline, available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST.

Top 10 Consumer Scams of 2014

The business of scams and frauds is ever evolving and scammers are always improving their techniques. Each year consumers and insurance companies lose an estimated $80 billion to scams and frauds. Scammers will use various tactics to take your hard-earned money. Some of these scams include using phone calls to push emotional buttons with scams pertaining to Medicare, or using the Internet to sell inferior products online to the unsuspecting; they even offer the promise of love to get close enough to take your money and disappear. Do your best to prevent potential scams by being informed. Know which scams remain popular and what you can do, as a consumer, to protect your personal information and hard earned money. Read this article to review the top 10 scams of 2014.

Lottery Scam: The Florida Lottery reported that scammers have been sending emails using the department’s logo and letterhead claiming the recipient has won a monetary prize. To claim a share of the funds, the email requests that the recipient contact the person listed, provide financial information and pay taxes.

Florida Lottery officials will not contact players unless they have entered a game or drawing on the official Florida Lottery website or social media sites. Remember, you can’t win if you didn’t enter.

To report a lottery scam, contact the Florida Lottery's Division of Security at 850-487-7730. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a financial scam please call 1-877-MY-FL-CFO (639-5236) or REPORT FRAUD now.

Visit our Consumer Alerts page for more information and also view our list of common Fraud & Scams.

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Division of Consumer Services


69J-8.008 Selection of Neutral Evaluator

69J-8.009 Evaluation Process

The Department of Financial Services hereby gives notice that an “Order Denying Emergency Petitions for Variance or Waiver of subsections 69J-8.008(8) and 69J-8.009(2), F.A.C.” regarding the “Emergency Petition for Waiver of subsection 69J-8.008(8), F.A.C. (2013)” and “Emergency Petition for Waiver of subsection 69J-8.009(2), F.A.C. (2013)” filed by Manhattan Palms Condominium Association, Inc., on January 28, 2015. The Notice of the Petitions was published on Monday, February 2, 2015, in Volume 41, Number 21 of the Florida Administrative Register. The Petition for subsection 69J-8.008(8), F.A.C., requested waiver of the requirement that each party have two strikes against each neutral evaluator where the prior rule permitted three strikes. The Petition for subsection 69J-8.009(2), F.A.C., requested waiver of the requirement that the neutral evaluator be allowed reasonable access to the interior and exterior of insured structures to be evaluated or for which a claim is made. Both Petitions were denied in one order filed on February 26, 2015, because the rules for which a waiver was requested incorporate statutory requirements, which cannot be waived.

A copy of the Order or additional information may be obtained by contacting: Renee S. Gordon, Assistant General Counsel, Department of Financial Services, 200 E. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0333 or by email: renee.gordon@myfloridacfo.com.