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Division Director

Greg Thomas

Insurance Agent and Agency Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Bureau of Licensing
(850) 413-3137
Bureau of Investigation
(850) 413-3136

MyProfile Information

"MyProfile" is your interface with the Florida Department of Financial Services' Division of Agent and Agency Services. Your account is tailored to you. It's your licensing and compliance, at your convenience.

MyProfile Activities

What can one do through MyProfile? Click below to read the specific licensure maintenance activities available to you via MyProfile:

  • Verify a name
  • Verify or change a address
  • Apply for an agent or adjuster license
  • Apply for a re-examination (bail bond)
  • View information, and deficiencies on a pending application for a license
  • View your license(s) and/or appointment(s)
  • Apply for a Letter of Certification and a Letter of Clearance
  • Check CE status
  • Obtain a duplicate license
Insurance Agency
  • Verify a name or address
  • Apply for an agency license
  • Update agency information
Business Entity/Title Agency
  • Verify a name or address
  • Update branch location information
  • Update contact/address information
  • Apply for new license
Branch Locations
  • Add and delete branch locations
Appointing Entity
  • Check CE status of appointed licensees
  • Apply for Emergency Adjuster license
Provider (Education)
  • Apply to be a new provider
  • Apply for new courses, offerings and authorities
  • Upload rosters
  • Change the demographics of the provider profile
  • Review DFS requests and respond
  • Apply as an instructor

Log in Now

my profile link

On the MyProfile login page, select from the categories on the left and scroll down to the bottom to fill out the appropriate log-in information.

The Education Database

The education database is part of the MyProfile application and delivers information on Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education requirements. Logging in is not necessary for this.

Need Help?

Browse Frequently Asked Questions

We are building a library of questions we receive and their answers. You can browse them here.

Online Guides and Tutorials

Guides and short video demonstrations that walk you through step by step processes on how to accomplish various tasks in MyProfile. These short demos and guides also provide helpful tips and important information about the licensing services we provide.

How to create a MyProfile account, retrieve a forgotten password or username

Here is an interactive video tutorial that can assist you with creating an account in MyProfile (including a third party account to access multiple MyProfile accounts), retrieving a forgotten account password, and retrieving a forgotten account username. Here is a guide with the same information if you would prefer to view a PDF file.

How to Add and Delete Branch Agency Locations in MyProfile

Here is a guide that can assist you with how to add and remove branch insurance agency locations in the MyProfile account for the parent location.

How to Use a Third Party Account in MyProfile

Here is a guide that can assist you with how to grant permissions to a third party and manage multiple MyProfile accounts with a third party account.

How to verify or change your email or other address

Read the steps to verify or change a name or address

How to Check & Monitor your Continuing Education Information

Here's a tutorial showing you how to interpret the information on your CE screen and information on the primary aspects of Continuing Education and the importance of keeping track of your status.

How to Find an Education Course

Here's a tutorial showing you how to search for an education course, with clarification on common errors made using the search tool.



Want to stay up to date on compliance matters?

Read the division's online newsletter, Insurance Insights, which includes valuable information for agents, adjusters and agencies about what's happening in Florida's market and trends we're seeing. If you're a licensee with a valid email address on file, you will be emailed when new issues have been published. However, you can always read the latest issue, as well as past issues, on our website. Click below to read!

Read our division's newsletter, Insurance Insights