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April 2015 Enforcement Actions

Last/Business NameFirst NameLicenseDispositionFine ($)Cost ($)Restitution ($)City, StateDocumentation
Arango SrAnthonyA007655License Revoked   Tampa, FLNotice of Revocation
BrognanoAmyA030957License Suspended   Vero Beach, FL
CaplitzGreggE022556License Suspended   Chelsea, MA
CanovasRoxannaP077384Fined500  Miami, FL
DetinneDavidE086184Fined500  Carmichael, CA
CimentPaulA047492Probation and Fine1500  Margate, FL
HobdyAllieD027825License Suspended 6 Month(s)   Gainesville, FLConsent Order
DeWahlDuncanE120019License Suspended 3 Month(s) and Fined1500  Maitland, FLConsent Order
Kurant JrJohnE171204License Revoked   St Augustine, FL
FrancoGraceP083563License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
GarciaJamesP094992License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
GonzalezMercedesA100222License Surrendered   Miami, FLConsent Order
HortonAlexanderP175934License Revoked   St Augustine, FL
IzquierdoDeliaA128576License Suspended 6 Month(s)   Miami, FLConsent Order
Morales SrManuelP167024License Surrendered   Margate, FLConsent Order
ParrillaJuanP184647License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
ValdesJessicaP176811Fined500  Miami, FL
VillavicencioCarlosA273976License Surrendered   Plantation, FLConsent Order
MatthewsDavidA168400License Revoked   Altamonte Springs, FLOrder of Revocation
VazquezRaulP134405License Revoked   Tampa, FLOrder of Revocation
SchwartzHowardA235996Probation and Fine1500  Boca Raton, FLConsent Order
McCulloughRP211056License Revoked   Morriston, FLOrder of Revocation
Leon JrAlbertoE061697License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
PopeJamieE126300License Revoked and Permanently Barred   Winter Park, FLConsent Order
ValdesGriselA193933License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
Smith-WashingtonNicholasP147700License Revoked   Miami, FLOrder of Revocation
MikschKelbyP186915License Revoked   Palm Harbor, FLNotice of Revocation
ManasovDmitryE145521License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Sunny Isles Beach, FLOrder of Suspension
NorrisIanA193254License Suspended   Fort Lauderdale, FL

Some of these enforcement actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of enforcement actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the Department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings. The license or registration status may have changed since the filing of these orders. We suggest that you search the Licensee Search or make a public records request to verify the current status of any license or registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copies of previous and current enforcement action documents, which include the allegations, can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. For further information, you may make a public records request via email or contact the Public Records Unit.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

You may do a search of valid license and registration holders by visiting our Licensee Search page.