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March 2014 Enforcement Actions

Last/Business NameFirst NameLicenseDispositionFine ($)Cost ($)Restitution ($)City, StateDocumentation
ParlinRogerA200740COA Suspended 24 Month(s)   Estero, FLFinal Order
BrewsterDerrickA029939License Revoked   Fort Myers , FLNotice of Revocation
Advantage Title Partners LLC P149164Probation and Fine5000  Clearwater, FLConsent Order
FrescoCiraW117559License Revoked   Miami, FLNotice of Revocation
DavenportChristineE059944License Revoked   New Port Richey, FL
SevillaCarlosP204302Probation, Fine and Civil Assessment50002500 West Palm Beach, FLConsent Order
FrazierDarrellP134467License Revoked   Clay City, KYConsent Order
IrizarryManuelP148808License Revoked   Miami, FLOrder of Revocation
GibsonDionW092240License Suspended   Miami, FL
FosterPaulP224133Probation and Fine1500  Jacksonville, FL
Headquarter Insurance Inc L070341Cease & Desist, Fine and Cost5003750 Sunrise, FL
LaGoyDonnaA014478License Revoked   Palm City, FLConsent Order
KonomanyiSulaimanP148573License Revoked   Tampa, FLOrder of Revocation
Independent Insurance Group Inc L048357Cease & Desist, Fine and Cost5003750 Fort Lauderdale, FL
LevinDanielE190909License Surrendered   Dallas, TXConsent Order
MorenoHumbertoP199923License Suspended   Bartow, FL
JosselsonTimothyP199001License Revoked   Naples, FL
MorrisTraceyE038375License Suspended 1 Year(s)   Crestview, FLConsent Order
HoustonCarolinaE106595Fined1500  Fort Myers , FLConsent Order
SarmentoRichardP222306License Revoked   Tampa, FLOrder of Revocation
JamesAnthonyP181678Probation and Fine1500  Macclenny, FL
Pioneer Insurance Inc L069712Fined750  Fort Myers , FL
CarlinChrisP127510Fined6500  Fort Myers , FLConsent Order
SuraceScottA258319Probation and Fine5000  Clearwater, FLConsent Order
BakerGlennA011931License Revoked   Palm City, FL
HamiltonRoyP177381License Revoked   Coral Springs, FLConsent Order
HakimEyalP028649Probation and Fine1500  Boca Raton, FL
MontisanoTonyaA182760Permanently Barred   Port Orange, FLConsent Order
MontisanoRonA182759Permanently Barred   Port Orange, FLConsent Order
SampsonLatonyaP222746Probation and Fine1500  Tampa, FL
PenaMichaelD010153Fined1500  Miami, FL
FairesRobertP160323License Revoked   Pensacola, FLOrder of Revocation
HarroldMatthewP151158License Revoked   Haines City, FLConsent Order
Carpenter JrJosephP007674License Revoked   Palm Harbor, FLConsent Order
Envoy Insurance & Financial Services Inc L019833License Revoked   Coral Springs, FLConsent Order
KieslingRobertA140680License Suspended 6 Month(s)   Boynton Beach, FLConsent Order
GarciaJulioW047890License Revoked   Jacksonville, FL
Metro Denver Title LLC P005430Fined750  Denver, CO
Unlimited Abstract LLC P033210Fined1250  Fort Lauderdale, FL
AthasPeterE172224License Revoked   Lake Worth , FL
Franklin Title Group LLC P224222Fined500  Miami Lakes, FL
LauridoJoseP094990License Suspended 18 Month(s)   Miami, FLConsent Order
HooperBrentP026239License Revoked   Pensacola, FL
Leahy IIIEdwardW003478License Revoked   Pompano Beach, FL
NodalJoseP068696Probation and Fine1500  St Augustine, FL

Many of the enforcement actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for enforcement. Notification of enforcement actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, readers are cautioned to check with the department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings.

Previous and current enforcement action documents, which include the allegations, can be viewed by searching the
Division of Legal Services' database.

For further information, you may make a public records request via email.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

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