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Accounting and Auditing
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June 1, 2001



This Comptroller Memorandum (CM) is to clarify CM No. 3 dated May 23, 2001.

CM No. 3 stated “Effective immediately, the Bureau of State Payrolls (BOSP) will no longer process requests for payment under the Meritorious Service Awards Program unless accompanied by a written statement certifying awards were authorized prior to May 14, 2001. The written statement must be signed by an employee whose signature is on file with BOSP.” For further amplification, any award initiated or authorized in accordance with an Agency's Meritorious Service Award Program prior to May 14, 2001 will be processed.

Additionally, payment requests for non-cash items under the Meritorious Service Awards Program (i.e. framed certificates, plaques, mugs, caps, shirts, watches, gift certificates, and other tokens of recognition) will also require certification. The certification must contain a statement the award was initiated, recommended or authorized in accordance with an Agency's Meritorious Service Award Program prior to May 14, 2001. This certification must accompany the voucher schedule and remain in the agencies financial records.

Any Meritorious Service Award action initiated and authorized after May 14, 2001 will not be approved.

The amended Section 110.1245, F.S., continues to allow agencies to incur expenditures, not to exceed $100 each plus applicable taxes, for suitable framed certificates, pins, and other tokens of recognition for appreciation and recognition to:

  • Retiring state employees whose service with the state has been satisfactory.

  • State employees who have achieved increments of 5 years of satisfactory service in the agency or to the state.

  • Any appointed member of a state board or commission whose service to the state has been satisfactory upon the expiration of such board or commission member's final term in such position.

    Additional information on payment of savings sharing program, bonus payments, and other awards authorized by Chapter 2001-43, Laws of Florida, will be forthcoming.

    Questions regarding non-cash awards may be directed to the Bureau of State Payrolls at 410-9416, Suncom 210-9416.