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Division Director

Christina Smith

Assistant Director

Rick Sweet

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510
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Forms issued by the Division of Accounting and Auditing. Updates to this site will occur as additional forms or updates are issued.

Financial Reporting

DFS-A1-410 Consolidated Equipment Financing Program Application

DFS-A1-413 Application to Finance Conservation Measures

Checklist - Approval to Lease Equipment

Checklist - Guaranteed Energy, Water and Wastewater Performance Savings Contract

Model Contract - Guaranteed Energy, Water and Wastewater Peformance Savings Contract

DFS-A1-1824/1825/1826 Revenue Cap

DFS-A1-1829 DFS Debt Collection Referral Form

DFS-A1-1830 SEFA Form

DFS-A1-1831 Statewide Financial Statements Compliance Checklist

DFS-A1-1832 Fund Questionnaire

DFS-A1-1833 Reporting Entity Determination Form

DFS-A1-1834 Consideration of Fraud in Financial Reporting Certification (SAS 99)

DFS-A1-1835 Adjustment Form

DFS-A1-1837 Violations of Finance-Related Legal and Contractual Provisions (P1)

DFS-A1-1838 Certification of Reconciliation and Capital Assets Accounting (P2)

DFS-A1-1839 Loss Contingencies (P3)

DFS-A1-1840 Subsequent Events (P4)

DFS-A1-1841 Construction and Other Significant Commitments (P5)

DFS-A1-1842 Operating Leases (P6)

DFS-A1-1843 Related Party Transactions (P7)

DFS-A1-1844 Other Revenues (Form 1)

DFS-A1-1845 Other Non-Operating Expenses (Form 2)

DFS-A1-1846 Due to General Revenue Unallocated (Form 4)

DFS-A1-1883 Compensated Absences (Form 49)

DFS-A1-1885 Discretely Presented Component Units - Operating Leases (CUR 1)

DFS-A1-1886 Discretely Presented Component Units - Construction & Other Significant Commitment (CUR 2)

DFS-A1-1950 Accounts Receivables Write-Off Form

DFS-A1-1951 Property Write-off Form

DFS-A1-1859 Deposits (Form 17)

DFS-A1-1860 Other Investments (Form 18)

DFS-A1-1862 Changes in Long Term Liability (Form 20)

DFS-A1-1863 Installment Purchase Contracts and Capital Leases Liability (Form 21)

DFS-A1-1864 Special and Extraordinary Items (Form 25)

DFS-A1-1865 Restricted Other (Form 23)

DFS-A1-1866 Deficit Ending Equity (Form 27)

DFS-A1-1867 Prior Period Adjustments (Form 28)

DFS-A1-1880 Bonds Payable and Certificates of Participation (Form 45)

DFS-A1-1884 Capital Asset Impairments and Insurance Recoveries (Form 50)

DFS-A1-1887 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Related Party Transactions (CUR3)

DFS-A1-1888 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Deposits (CU1)

DFS-A1-1889 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Other Investments (CU2)

DFS-A1-1890 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Deficit Ending Equity (CU3)

DFS-A1-1892 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Prior Period Adjustments (CU5)

DFS-A1-1893 Discretely Presented Component Unit - Changes in Long-term Liabilities (CU6)

DFS-A1-1894 Discretely Presented Component Units-Bonds Payable and Certificates of Participation (CU7)

DFS-A1-1895 Discretely Presented Component Unit-Installment Purchase Contracts and Capital Leases Liability (CU8)

DFS-A1-2083 Net Investment in Capital Assets (Form 24)

DFS-A1-2091 Interfund (Form 3)

DFS-A1-2092 Intrafund (Form 3)

DFS-A1-2093 Net Investment In Capital Assets (Form 24)

DFS-A1-2094 New Fiduciary GL (Form 52)

DFS-A6-2095 Debt Collection/Accounts Receivable Write-Off Annual Report Template

DFS-A1-2110 Deferred Revenue (Form 51)

DFS-A1-2113 State Universities Capital Improvement Data Payable (Form UNIV-CIDP)


State Payrolls

DFS-A3-1897 Reduction or Exemption from Withholding

DFS-A3-1898 Requisition for Payment of Sick Leave Upon Termination for Beneficiary Payments Only

DFS-A3-1899 Beneficiary Payment Request Check-Off Sheet

DFS-A3-1900 Payroll Certification

DFS-A3-1901 Beneficiary Overtime Payroll Requisition

DFS-A3-1902 Payroll By Exception Change Order

DFS-A3-1903 Beneficiary Payroll By Exception Change Order

DFS-A3-1904 Beneficiary Criminal Justice Incentive Program Change Order

DFS-A3-1905 Backpay/Settlement Request Check-Off Sheet

DFS-A3-1906 Retroactive Payment Schedule-Manual Payroll Register

DFS-A3-1907 Dual Employment Calculation of Overtime Hours

DFS-A3-1908 Certification of Interim Earnings/Unemployment Compensation Benefits

DFS-A3-1909 Manual Payroll Register

DFS-A3-1910 Manual Payroll Register Beneficiary

DFS-A3-1911 Refund For Overpayment Of Salary

DFS-A3-1912 Beneficiary Affidavit

DFS-A3-1913 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Military Leave Payments

DFS-A3-1915 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisitions For Session Subsistence Payments

DFS-A3-1916 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisitions For Excess Intra-District Expense

DFS-A3-1917 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Taxable Travel

DFS-A3-1918 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Toll Allowance Payments

DFS-A3-1919 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Quarterly Sales Incentives

DFS-A3-1920 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Quarterly Sales Annual Incentives

DFS-A3-1921 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For FICA Wage Disability Benefits

DFS-A3-1922 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Non-FICA Disability Benefits

DFS-A3-1923 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Annuity Health Insurance Subsidy

DFS-A3-1924 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition For Extra State Compensation/Supplements

DFS-A3-1925 Nonrecurring Compensation Requisition for Retroactive Payments

DFS-A3-1926 Beneficiary Non-Recurring Compensation Requisition

DFS-A3-1927 Bureau of State Payrolls Judgment Debtor Information

DFS-A3-1928 Bureau of State Payrolls Garnishment Fax

DFS-A3-1929 DFS/Accounting and Auditing Accountable Plan Check-Off List

DFS-A3-1930 Authorized Signature

DFS-A3-1931 Criminal Justice Incentive Program Class Code/Position Number Table Maintenance Request

DFS-A3-1932 FICA Refund Request

DFS-A3-1933 Employee Record Adjustment Online Miscellaneous ADJ

DFS-A3-1934 Requisition For Payment Of Sick Leave Upon Termination

DFS-A3-1935 Expense, Retirement & Payroll Deduction Warrant Cancellation Memorandum

DFS-A3-1939 Affidavit

DFS-A3-1941 Foreign National Information

DFS-A3-2123 State of Florida Agency Beneficiary Payroll Certification and Worksheet