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Division Director

Christina Smith

Assistant Directors

Rick Sweet

Rachael Lieblick

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510
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Audits and Reviews

Clerk of the Circuit Courts Audits

The Article V Section completes on-site reviews and publishes reports detailing Clerk compliance with Florida Statutes in the areas of the budgeting process, spending of State funds, liabilities due to the State, and peformance measures.


Contract Management Reviews

The Bureau of Auditing visits agencies to review contract management files. In addition to reviewing the contract document, the Bureau evaluates the contract management process to determine if the agency is appropriately monitoring the contractor’s performance and validating the actual delivery of goods and services. The audits result in a written report to the agency, with the agency providing a response and a corrective action plan to address any deficiencies noted during the review.

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Contract Reviews

The Bureau of Auditing reviews contracts and grants valued at $750,000 or more. The Bureau's review includes identifying if agreements includes a scope of work that clearly establishes the tasks that must be completed, has quantifiable, measurable, and verifiable deliverables, and specifies financial consequences for noncompliance. The audit results are provided to the agency to address any deficiencies noted during the review.




Other Audits

The Bureau of Auditing conducts audits of operational and internal controls pertaining to State expenditures in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chief Financial Officer Memoranda, and the Reference Guide for State Expenditures.

First District Court of Appeals Audit Report


Payroll Post Audit Reports

These reports contain the findings of payroll related audits conducted by the Bureau of State Payrolls at state agencies.






Payroll Program Audit Reports

These reports contain the findings of special audits conducted by the Bureau of State Payrolls of various payroll programs.

Cash Awards Program

December 24 Hour Annual Leave Payout

Firefighters Incentive Program

On Demand Payroll System


Statewide Vendor File Add Review Scorecard

The Bureau of Vendor Relations monitors all Statewide Vendor file (SWVF) records added by agency employees to confirm compliance with SWVF policies and procedures. The SWVF Add Review Scorecard summarizes the results of the review.