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Division of Agent and Agency Services

How to Submit a CE or Pre-Licensing Course Application

  1. Go to "My Profile" https://dice.fldfs.com/public/pb_index.aspx.
  2. Click the blue “Provider” tab and enter either your "Social Security Number" and "Date of Birth," or "School Official ID" and "Date of Birth." Click "login."
  3. Click "next" once your provider name is verified.
  4. Click "apply." A drop down box will open. Select "course" and the course application will appear.
  5. Type in the "name" & "description" of your course. Example: This course will focus on the benefits of Fixed and Variable Annuities.
  6. Select the course type ("Pre-Licensing" or "Continuing Education").
  7. Select the study method: Example: “Classroom.”
  8. Select the course level (Advanced, Basic or Intermediate).
  9. Select the subject area. Example: “214-LV Combo.”
  10. Type any special comments in the comment box at the bottom of page. Example: “Course discusses Fixed and Variable Annuities” Click “Next.”
  11. Select the Course Authority. Example: “CE 2-14 Life and Variable Annuity.” Input the number of requested hours. Example: “10.” Click “Next.”
  12. Click “Attach” to attach outline and documents such as Handouts and Power Points. Type in the file description. Example: “Outline.”
  13. Click “Browse.” Select your file. Click “Attach.” Click “Close.”
  14. Enter credit card information. Click submit.